Did you know that Air Conditioner manufacturers recommend that your Air Conditioner receives a seasonal service by a qualified professional?

We perform a complete on-site air conditioner service, ensuring your air conditioner runs at its best for years to come.

Our Service Includes

Indoor Unit
  • Filter check and clean
  • Heating temperature check (Winter)
  • Cooling temperature check (Summer)
  • Check noise levels are within normal range
  • Water flow drainage check
  • Air Conditioner disinfection
  • Unit cleanup
  • Airflow check
  • Dust removal from inside the unit. May prevent proper cooling, heating and fan rotation
  • Check pipe insulation
  • Replacement of damaged insulation at extra cost
  • Gas pressure check
  • Gas leak check
  • Check noise levels are within normal range

    Same day and after hours visits are available

    Contact us today to make an appointment for your next service call. Our professional technicians will happily answer all your questions and concerns before arranging an appointment.

    Arrange a Service

    $90 fixed price per air conditioner

    Is your Air Conditioner performing at its best? Is it cooling and heating today as the day it was installed? Contact us today to service your air conditioner and have it perform at its best.

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